Camouflage Hats

Now, Hatteras Hats has two different patterns of camouflage. Standard army pattern and the new leaf pattern. Both fabrics started as our basic cotton twill fabric with all its qualities then was printed in either pattern.

As with all our fabrics, a camouflage cap can be custom made for your order in any of the 8 different profiles available. However, with the intended look of the fabric, most orders using this fabric call for a constructed hat.

The back closure that is photographed in the inset photo is how the cap is priced on the price sheet. However, you can custom choose any back closure you like from Custom Closure Ideas .

There are 2 different patterns to choose from as well. So be creative and take a look at some of the ideas at the bottom of this page on different ways to design a hat using our camouflage fabric.